UVforecast - A prognosis of UV radiation


Returns forecast of uv - radiation. Data can be returned as an image (png) or as a xml-document. Forecasts are available for the immiediate three days, at time 12:00:00 UTC.


A list of available data may be retrieved using the 'available' action: .


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from


time (mandatory)

Specify the time for which you want a forecast. Forecasts are currently available for the immediate three days at the time 12:00:00 UTC. Note though, that uv-forecast of the present date will become unavailable some time after 12 UTC.

Format: YYYY-MM-DDT12:00:00Z.

content_type (mandatory)

Specify type of file to be returned.

Values: image/png, text/xml.

Note: The XML version is gigantic and veeeeery slooooowwww to generate...

cloudcoverage (mandatory in use with image/png)

Specify the type of cloudcover you want a forecast for.

Values: clear, partly_cloudy, cloudy, forecast

This option is not valid when content_type=text/xml

Example requests:

Data sources

The UV forecast data are supplied by the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service. You can find many kinds of forecast maps on their charts page:

Change log

1.0, 2008-04-01