This product is deprecated and will soon be unavailable. Please check documentation for further info.


LocationforecastLTS - Weather forecast for a specified place, long term support.


This product has been deprecated, use locationforecast/1.9 instead.

This product delivers similar data as locationforecast, but for this product we will support a deprecated version for at least 3 months. Locationforecast will probably be updated more frequently and might have shorter life span for deprecated versions.

This modules implements a full forecast for one location, that is, a forecast with several parameters for a nine-day period.

Please note that available parameters will wary depending on location and forecast time.

Locations inside Norway will have probability elements for temperature, wind, symbol and precipitation. The precipitation element have additional attributes for max and minimum values.

A probability element specifies certainty of prognoses for a given parameter for a given time. This certainty is defined by a probabilitycode in the following manner:

    probabilitycode: certainty values
                  0: [90% , 100%]
                  1: [50% ,  90%>
                  2: [ 0% ,  50%>

The list of numbers and ids for the current symbol elements can be found at




Sample request URLs:


Operational status for each model can be checked like this:

The model parameter is required, possible values are:

    aromeecepsforecastlts, aromeecdetforecastlts, proffecepsforecastlts, proffecdetforecastlts


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from


A few variables removed from the Nordic model, 2020-01-19

As mentioned earlier we have deprecated the LocationforecastLTS product, which will be retired some time after we have launched the new Locationforecast 2.0. In the mean time, the background model for the Nordic area (MEPS) will soon been replaced with a new, improved model (CMEPS) which is run every hour.

Unfortunately, some little used parameters are no longer present in the new model, which means that there will be some slight changes to locationforecastlts in late January:

* the parameter areaMaxWindSpeed will be removed

* there will no longer be available time intervals backward in time

These changes will only be visible for the Nordic area (Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). There will be no changes for the rest of the world (which uses the EC model).

We apologize for the inconvenience, but unfortunately the changes were discovered too late to give the promised 3 month warning. Hopefully the changes are insignificant enough not to give any problems for the vast majority of users.

Product is being end-of-lifed, 2019-11-07

Late September 2019 we will be changing backend for locationforecast, which is much faster and has better predictions. LocationforecastLTS will continue to run against the old backend for some time, but will be slower and lack the improved forecast.

LocationforecastLTS is now officially deprecated. At some point in 2020 when locationforecast/2.0 is ready, we will retire locationforecastLTS after users have been given enough time to port to either locationforecast/2.0 (JSON) or 1.9 (XML).

version 1.3 : 2017-02-13

- New version 1.3. The old version, 1.2, will expire at 2017-05-09.
- With this new version we have expired an old forecast model. As a conequence of this, areas in northern europe that previously had 1 hourly resolution short term forecast will temporarily get 3 hour resolution instead.

version 1.2 : 2014-05-20

- New version 1.2. Old version, 1.1, will expire at 2014-10-07
- New symbols are added.

version 1.1 : 2011-05-30

- New version 1.1. Old version, 1.0, will expire at 2011-09-09
- Symbol numbers 20 - 23( see list above ) are new and will start to appear in the near future.
- Attribute licenseurl in element <meta> has been removed. Note that the license still applies, its just no longer refered to in the xml.
- Attribute probability for element precipitation has been removed. Some minor adjustments to the xml, such as different ordering of some elements.

version 1.0 : 2010-11-30

- Initial version.