This version (1.2) is currently in beta and should not yet be used in production. [This product will be moved to]


ExtremesWWC - The Wettest, Warmest and Coldest places


Returns the WWC-data for the two last periodes of time in Norway. WWC means Warmest, Wettest and Coldest.


The schema for the xml delivered by this product is available from


No parameters is supported, it will always return the values for the last 24 hours, 6-18 and 18-6 UTC.

The XML contains the most wettest, warmest and coldest places in the given period, containing at least one station on high altitudes (mountain stations).

Example requests


2014-06-05: version 1.2

All stations will have climate number, but they might not have an WMO-number
Version 1.1 will expire on 2014-10-07

2010-11-29: version 1.1

New elements in the XML, highestTemperatures, lowestTemperatures, minimumPrecipitations, which defines lists of the values.
Version 1.0 will expire on 2011-06-10